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Lakeshore Restoration Project

Deb Kneibel

The shoreline of Lake Bohrer will be planted with native plants during the spring and summer of 2009. This is a joint project funded by the City of Inver Grove Heights and the Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District. Erosion of the shoreline was caused by the many years of excess storm sewer drainage into our pond. After the completion of an outlet which will keep water levels low, the city agreed to redo the shoreline




We received this info about the lakeshore restoration project from the county. I am forwarding for your information. The photos will remind us of the lakeshore before the work.

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The installer is responsible for maintenance this summer and next. The fences will stay up to prevent the geese from destroying the plants until they get a firm root system down. But they will come down later.

Work on the project will involve cutting back the plants a couple times, possibily before they all get to bloom, to help them get established. In the future there will be some weed kill needed. Eventually a burn maybe be suggested.




I am forwarding the email we received recently from the city concerning the lakeshore restoration.

If you have any questions about the project send them to the association email and I will answer them or get the answers for you.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Deb Kniebel

Subject: Bohrer Pond update

Hi All-

Tom and I met on site this morning just to touch base on how things look and address any issues. I also spoke with Jim after leaving site and we discussed the two issues I found on site. Overall the site looks good. The brushing really cleared everything up and the prep herbicide was very effective. There were a few areas that were not completely dead, but nothing of significant size or that should be detrimental to the seed/plant establishment. The items Jim and I discussed were:

1. The western edge of the site. Now that brush is cleared, are there any changes to the slope and/or shoreline. Jim said there were no changes other than some field calls such as dropping the elevation of the catch basin and berm down which will result in a little more cut, but he said that extra soil can be used for fill on the adjacent areas.

2. The areas that were not completely dead will be sprayed again, even if we tear up or disturb the area in less than 14 days usually allowed.

I should be able to get someone out there tomorrow to hit the couple of small areas and the few new thistle rosettes with herbicide. As of now, the schedule is to stage some machinery on Monday and start grading work on Tuesday. We will start on the west side of the site and work our way east. If the work does spill into the following week, we will make sure that everything is stablized before the weekend. I envision everything to be at least prepped and seeded before the weekend. Plugs and shrubs would possibly going into the following week, only because we want to make sure the protective fencing is up right after we plant. I want to make sure we have adequate time to install the fencing before we go ahead with the plants and shrubs. We will have to assess this mid-late next week.
If anything comes up, I will let you know. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Matthew Lasch
Applied Ecological Services

The work on the lakeshore restoration has finally begun!!!

Last year, (when work was originally scheduuled to begin) the costs exceeded the budget and we waited for a grant to be approved. This year the city and county had to cancel the contract with the original company and send the project out for bids again.

The new company, Applied Ecological Services (AES) will do the brush removal and herbicide application in August.

During September, and possibily into October, the area will be graded, rip-rapped, seeded and planted. The plans call for the tallest plants to be low on the grade to keep sight lines open. Smaller, flowering plants will be planted higher up on the shore. There will be an edging between the planting and the lawn.

An ugly "goose fence" installed to prevent the geese from pulling up the new plants. This fence will be in place for 2 years, until the plants are firmly rooted. Then the fence will be removed.

The city/county will do maintenance on the lakeshore for the summers of 2010 an 2011. During that time we will meet with the contractor to learn what upkeep will be needed. A few signs will be installed by the city/county to explain the project.

Work on the shoreline will be done mostly Monday-Friday, between 9am and 7pm. Weather conditions may cause a slightly earlier or later work time or an occasional Saturday. Access to the shoreline at our end of the project will be from the driveway between 3473 and 3485 Cloman. Every effort will be made to keep the drive open at all times. If there is a problem, workers have been instructed to move any vehicles if you ask. The contractor will restore any sod damaged by the project. They are aware of our new roads and drives and will take care with their equipment.

Mike Edwards, from the City of Inver Grove Heights is co-ordinating the project. If there are any problems contact our association at or call Deb 651 214 7522. Mike's number at the city is 651 450 2575.

Thanks for your patience with this project, it's great to see it finally under way!
All costs of preparation and planting will be shared by Inver Grove Heights and Dakota County. Our association will become responsible for maintaining the plants after the first three years. Watch for more information as it becomes available.
~ ~ ~